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Acoustic Panels


The acoustic baffles contain Metisse Insulation made from natural materials. These denim/cotton slabs are then framed in wood with a backing panel. The acoustic insulation is professional quality and industry standard, used in recording studios and to insulate homes all over Europe. 


The solid frame is then upholstered in a choice of materials from Abakan Fabrics in Manchester. 


Freestanding acoustic baffles framed in birch-ply. Perfect if you are on location or need to re-position a baffle directly behind the microphone you are playing to. Positioned behind the microphone to ensure a clear, warm and full signal without that familiar ’tinny’ reverberant sound. 

The end product is an acoustic panel that helps the microphones pick up as much sound direct from the instrument as possible without first bouncing off the walls. This is preferable when sending off audio files to be edited later with reverb etc. Avoid that ‘bathroom’ acoustic by ordering some upholstered acoustic baffles made with D hooks and triple string to hang up just like a picture. 

Upholstered baffles from £75.

Dimensions: 1220 x 610 x 50 in mm 


Freestanding birch-ply baffles from £125

Dimensions: 1235 x 625 in mm (various thicknesses from wall framed to thicker freestanding options)


Please get in touch if you think your home recording set-up or professional studio could do with some acoustic solutions.


Many instrumentalists have recently invested in decent quality, and in many cases, a very high level of home recording equipment. Combining a knowledge of woodwork and music, Manchester Fine Furniture has designed a range of acoustic panel solutions for the home set-up or professional studio. 

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