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All commissions begin with a conversation and I’m very happy to meet and chat about your ideas. I have made pieces ranging from a Korean dining table and benches (minimalist with 1970s detail in American cherry), a floor-to-ceiling birch-ply CD library to an ‘Angel of the North' inspired maple candlestick holder.


Things will begin to take shape as we discuss the size, shape and materials of a new piece. We can also discuss the budget you have in mind, and if you have a specific time frame.




Once a design brief is set out I can sketch a few detailed images of your commission. This is to get an established design to make sure we’re on the right track with dimensions, shape and detail. This can be revised until all parties are happy to proceed.



At this stage the design and budget has been approved and a time scale is also discussed to deliver the finished piece. If you would like to see the work as it progresses feel free to plan a visit or keep and eye on Instagram for the latest photos of my work.

A 50% deposit is required to book in the work at this stage with the remaining balance prior to delivery.


Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re simply interested in hand-crafted furniture, the first consultation is always free so please get in touch for a chat or perhaps a visit to the workshop for some inspiration?

bespoke birchply.jpeg
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